IDMB Episode 132 - Crimson Peak

September 18, 2018

Past Jim had 3 main complaints the last time he watched Crimson Peak: everything was too on-the-nose, the scares weren't scary, and the relationships didn't work. Current Jim is here to explain why those complaints are stupid and why Crimson Peak is excellent.


IDMB Episode 131 - The Devil’s Backbone

September 11, 2018

Perhaps we shouldn't say Guillermo del Toro makes "horror" films, but rather "terror" films. Don't get me wrong - there are plenty of things to be scared of in The Devil's Backbone, but "The One Who Sighs" isn't one of them. After all, what's so scary about ghosts when there's so many horrible things of which the living are capable? 


IDMB Episode 130 - Introduction to Guillermo del Toro (featuring filmmaker Sean Meehan)

September 4, 2018

In the first NEW I Do Movies Badly episode in over a year, Jim talks with Sean "Undercooked Ryan Gosling" Meehan to discuss the films of Guillermo del Toro. The boys discuss the relationship between DPs and directors, del Toro's childlike wonder and empathy for the Other, before disagreeing about if del Toro should finally adapt "At the Mountains of Madness" (he shouldn't) and, ultimately, getting to the recommendatons: The Devil's Backbone (2001), Crimson Peak (2015), and Cronos (1993). 


IDMB Is Back!

August 30, 2018

After walking away from I Do Movies Badly one year ago, Jim Rohner returns to the podcast that he had intended to leave forever to lay the reasons behind the return and to hint at things to come! 


IDMB Goodbye Episode

August 2, 2017

On this, the final episode of I Do Movies Badly, Jim bids a very fond farewell to the guests, listeners, and fans who supported the podcast throughout its tenure.


IDMB Summer Update

July 12, 2017

In which Jim apologizes for many things including: episode delays, continuously apologizing for episode delays, and the next episode delay as he announces - for many reasons - a hiatus for the rest of the month of July.


IDMB Episode 129 - Mystery Train

June 28, 2017

With Mystery Train, Jim says goodbye to June and Jim Jarmusch, which is fitting for a filmmaker whose elegiac work seems to deal with traveling, transitions, and hanging onto a pride from times and places that once were.


IDMB Episode 128 - Dead Man

June 20, 2017

All the quirks and indie filmmaking tropes that made Paterson work seem not to make Dead Man work.


IDMB Episode 127 - Paterson

June 12, 2017

Why is it when nothing supposedly happens (during the mundane, the routine, the regular), we assume that art can't be found? Paterson - both the film and the man in the film - are able to find the poetry in the mundane and value it just for being.


IDMB Episode 126 - Introduction to Jim Jarmusch (featuring Kristen Sales)

June 6, 2017

You know what's cool? Rock and roll music. Sloths. Jim Jarmusch. Kristen Sales espouses the coolness of all of these things, but it is primarily with Jim Jarmusch, the New York City-based musician/filmmaker with whom she is concerned during her second appearance on IDMB. She discusses how he's a dying breed of indie filmmaker, whether he's really as cool as he looks or really just a nerd (or both), and what is so quintessentially American about his work before recommending these three titles: Paterson (2016), Dead Man (1995), and Mystery Train (1989).